What we do

Marriott Academy runs creative classes every Saturdays (term time) for children aged between 4 years and 13 years old. We provide a unique blend of fun creative classes for children to enjoy and develop new skills. We aim to encourage creativity as children who are encouraged to think creatively show increased levels of motivation and self esteem. Creativity also helps with concentration skills, as more of the Right side of the brain is used this is where our attention tends to be.

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Marriott Academy of Acheivement
Classes are now based at the following venue:
Ithaca House
27 Romford Road
E15 4LJ
Tel: 0207 175 1536 Mob: 07010 089 536
Email: enquiries@marriottacademy.co.uk

Our Classes

Fun with Food

Home economics for children, promoting a healthy diet and good eating habits. Children will create fun healthy recipes.


Having fun with Art and learning different techniques. Exploring colors and artistic designs.

Fashion Design

Learn the design process, sewing techniques and how to recycle and customise your own outfits.

Games Design

Advancing on primary school ICT, this course offers students the chance to learn a computer language, suitable for children age 6+ years.


Learning through drama allows children to explore their creativity and have fun whilst leaving their shyness and worries behind.

Craft & Design

Children explore different activities each term, which includes Clay Making, Jewellery Making, Creative Making and many more.

Creative Writing

This course helps inspire and encourage children to be innovative and imaginative, to write fiction, poetry, playwriting and more.

Piano Fun

Piano lessions are cancelled until further notice.