Marriott Academy provides a unique blend of fun creative classes for children to enjoy and develop new skills. Children who are encouraged to think creatively show increased levels of motivation and self esteem. Creativity prepares them with the flexible skills they will need to face an uncertain future. Employers want people who are adaptable, innovative, can solve problems and communicate well with others. Developing the capacity to be creative can enrich their lives and help them to contribute to a better society.

Creativity is not just about the arts, or particular types of individual. We all have the capacity for creative thinking for generating and extending ideas, suggesting hypotheses, applying imagination and looking for alternative innovative outcomes in any activity.

Creative children need creative teachers, here at Marriott Academy our teachers are all creative in their fields and love to encourage children to have fun and explore their creativity. Creativity thrives where there is time to explore, experiment and play with ideas.

Creative thinking is shown when children generate ideas, show imagination and originality, and can judge the value of what they have done and this is what we at Marriott Academy are trying to promote.

Our Aims:

  • To teach young school children subjects that differs from what they learn at school for their age group that is fun and interesting and teaches them new skills.
  • To offer subjects that is not taught to this age group on the national curriculum.
  • To offer subjects that will help children to achieve better at school and encourage motivation.

Our Objectives:

  • Promote successful, enthusiastic and inspirational teaching and learning within the context of a balanced programme of study.
  • Ensure that all children achieve to encourage motivation, this will be achieved by having smaller classes than public schools offer, and so more attention is given per child.
  • Promote the School and its work to prospective parents, and the local community;
  • Promote respect and tolerance for the individual and for individuality, develop independent thinking and learning for all pupils, encourage individual passions and enthusiasms to the subjects being taught.
  • Provide appropriately for those who need additional support to fulfil their potential by virtue of physical or psychological disability or a typical learning style or process.
  • Develop children's confidence and competence.
  • Ensure children are attentive to the subject being taught and are not overwhelmed after a long school week and learning a different subject. This is achieved by young children having short 30 minute lessons, where is it long enough for them to learn something new, but short enough to keep their attention span and not to overwhelm or tire them.

At Marriott Academy all of our teachers are CRB checked and are qualified in their field of study.

Jenella Marriott - Academy Director, Games Design and Fun with Food Teacher

I am an Associate Member of the British Computer Society, graduated with Honours in BSc Business Information Systems and I hold a PGCE (PCET). I have 13 years extensive professional experience in Systems Testing and Development. I have a certificate in First Aid and Food Safety & Hygiene. I hold a Higher National Diploma in Stage Management and have a bronze medal in acting. I am the founder of Marriott Academy of Achievement as my passion is in teaching and child development. We need to teach our children from early as they will be running our country and looking after us in the future. I have two young sons and I would like them to grow to be well rounded young men.

Sandeep - Art Teacher

Having fun with Art and learning different techniques. Exploring colors and artistic designs.

Rokshana Khan - Drama Teacher

I have a BA (Hons) in Drama/English, a PGDip in (Visual Culture), a PGCE (PCET), and an Arts Award Adviser (Bronze, Silver and Gold Level). With over 20 years teaching experience, I know what drama and performing arts can do for children! Having taught in a variety of settings including, schools and family learning centres, I am a committed educator who believes that each child has the ability to make their mark in the world.

Suzanne Asphall - Fashion Design and Craft & Design Teacher

I am Bachelor of Arts honours Surface designer. A creative teacher/tutor, creative workshops provider, craft maker and also a creative event organiser/coordinator. I have attended a variety of creative colleges and universities and obtained a variety of creative qualifications. My creative qualifications are: Bachelor of Arts Honours in Surface design, City and Guilds Teaching Certificates for artist and craft makers, A Teaching Certificate for Teaching Assistant and a variety of qualifications in the areas of art, craft and design.

TBC - Creative Writing Teacher