Classes Art

During the course each week children will learn about different famous artists from Pablo Picasso to Henri Matisse and trying to recreate some of the techniques they used. "Every child is an artist..." - Pablo Picasso

Children will have the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums such as watercolours, pastels and fabric paints. There will also be print workshops, which will include learning different printing techniques such as mono-printing, stencilling and relief printing.

At the end of the term the children will have a portfolio of art work.

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There are so many benefits of introducing children to art.

  • Able to learn to think creatively, with an open mind.
  • Art builds confidence where children are able to observe, describe, analyse and interpret.
  • Able to express feelings with or without words.
  • Your child discovers that there is more than one right answer multiple points of view.
  • Art introduces children to cultures from around the world