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We at the Marriott Academy of Achievement offer the following drama curriculum:

Verbal and Visual - concentrates on learning individually composed songs, tongue-twisters and raps.

Fun modern words and a humorous approach - means this section is ideal for boosting childrens confidence, concentration and communication skills - establishing focus within the group while giving shy children a chance to shine. The link between improvement in speech and drama is well known.

Create and Experience - is the drama-based part of the workshop and includes confidence-building games, character explorations, storytelling and team-building role-playing improvisations.

There may also be an opportunity for some students to enter for an Arts Award qualification*, a nationally recognised qualification in the arts. *subject to additional exam charge

The world needs well-rounded individuals who can 'think outside the box', drama enables children, from a young age to develop and refine techniques that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. A recent UCLA study concluded that students involved in the arts tend to have higher academic performance and better standardized test scores -- nearly 100 points better on the SAT, according to a separate study by The College Board. (

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At the end of the course children will:

  • Be more Confident
  • Be strong team players
  • Have better concentration skills
  • Have better communication skills
  • Have the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification in the Arts